Let's face it, many of us rely on luck to determine whether a success of failure derived from a chance happening instead of our own actions - whether it's a winning streak from online casinos or simply having a bad day at work. However, is it possible that animals can experience luck just like we claim to? With this in mind, check out ten of our favourite animals that should be thanking their lucky stars.

1. Racing Car Near Miss, Bolivia:

Lucky is a common name for man's best friend, and this dog certainly deserves that title after this heart-wrenching ordeal. During a high speed race at Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the seemingly unaware dog wandered onto the track and continued strolling casually in the middle of the road.

All seemed fine until a car suddenly came hurtling round the corner, causing the dog to panic. Although a devastating collision looks imminent, the car thankfully hits a ramp on the race track at the last second and misses the dog by mere inches before landing back on the road and continuing the race. Remarkably, the dog and the driver all escaped the scene unharmed.

2. Russian CCTV Footage:

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A speed camera on a Kaliningrad highway in Russia managed to capture a stranded kitten who was helpless to avoid the constant flow of oncoming traffic. In total, the little cat spent four minutes in the middle of the busy road and avoided several near misses until was picked up by a kind driver.

3. Cheetah Chase on Safari Tour:

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Safaris don't come more exciting than this. Whilst Samantha Pittendrigh was filming her tour of Kruger National Park, South Africa, sever Impala antelopes were frantically leaping across the road to escape the jaws of two hungry cheetahs. When one Impala in particular was targeted, an unexpected opportunity appeared. The terrified antelope resorted to desperate measures and leapt through a passenger car window in a great escape; leaving the cheetahs very confused.

4. Cat Loses 1 of 9 Lives:

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This cat was certainly tempting fate when it decided to take a risky route down from a three story building. Despite attempting to secure its grip, the cat fell from the tremendous height to a seemingly painful landing. Luckily, the fortunate feline proved that cats really do land on their feet and managed to survive the fall, although the cat's luck soon ran out when another kitty decided to give chase - what a day!

5. You Got Here Just in Time:

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When Greig Tonkins†- the hero of the hour, was on a boar-hunting trip with his friends Kailem and Greg Bloom, their experience took an unexpected turn. Whilst documenting their hunt, Tonkins' Max was confronted by a kangaroo, who proceeded to grab the dog in a headlock, rendering the dog helpless. Upon realising the danger of the situation, Tonkins took it upon himself to rescue his beloved pet by punching the kangaroo in the face; leaving it rather perplexed over what had just happened.

6. Dog in Elevator:

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A man in Perm, Russia made the news after he saved a woman's dog from certain death. When the woman in question entered the elevator with her pug, the dog ran back outside, resulting in the lead being caught in the doors once they closed. Seeing the instant danger the trapped dog was in, the bystander reacted quickly by hanging onto the dog's lead until it snapped.

7. Buffalo Fights Back:

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Water buffalos are often labelled a very unlucky species, considering they're hunted by crocodiles, lions, tigers and even humans, but clearly this buffalo certainly had enough of being everyone's food choice. When a buffalo was leapt upon by a lion after a 45 minute pursuit, another member of the herd decided to act in their defence and flung the lion into their air to save its friend. Amazingly all of the animals walked away from the incident with no major injuries, apart from the lion's severely bruised ego.

8. The Weasel & the Woodpecker:

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When amateur photographer Martin Le-May was out for a walk with his wife through Hornchurch Country Park in Havering,†London, he was certainly lucky to capture this unbelievable shot. According to Martin, the pair heard "distressed squawking" before witnessing a woodpecker struggling for life as a weasel clung to its back in mid-flight. The couple believe their presence "momentarily distracted the weasel"; allowing the woodpecker to fly up into the trees, after which the uninvited passenger scurried away into the long grass. That woodpecker is certainly in Martin's debt now.

9. Man Saves Bear:

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After a 375lb black bear had been roaming a residential area at Alligator Point in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, wildlife officers decided to move the bear away from the houses by shooting it with a tranquiliser dart.

However, as the bear raced towards the water after the tranquiliser took longer to take effect, biologist Adam Warwick began to witness the bear's gradual struggle and dived in to save the drowsy creature. Warwick kept one arm underneath the bear and gripped the scruff of the bear's neck with the other to keep its head above the water as he dragged it back to shore. Thanks to Warwick, the bear was then released to safety in Osceola National Forest, Lake City.

10. Dog Rescues Baby Dolphin:

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Whilst Leia the dog and her owner were bass fishing on Criccieth beach, Wales, Leia ran ahead and began to bark, indicating to her owner that she'd found something. To her owner's amazement, Leia had discovered a beached baby dolphin that was desperately trying to reach the sea to avoid death. Due to Leia's keen eye and smell, the dolphin was gently helped back into the sea and to safety.