There are only a lucky handful of well-known brands in the world that are instantly recognisable and hold veritable cachet no matter where you are in the world. From fast food chains to tech and electronic conglomerates we certainly live in a brand saturated society and amongst the incredible array of brands that consumers are constantly exposed to each and every day and Playboy Enterprises is right up there as one of the most successful.

From its humble and controversial beginnings to its licensing deals that has allowed the Playboy name, trademarks and of course the iconic rabbit silhouette to appear on endless merchandise and other products Playboy is one of America's biggest success stories. It began life as a men's entertainment magazine back in 1953 when founder Hugh Hefner unveiled the first ever issue. It quickly gained notoriety at the time due to its naked Playmates that featured in the magazine and most notably within the centrefold.

Playboy was a pioneering magazine in the sexual revolution of America and over the years has evolved into a huge money-spinning global media and lifestyle company. Nowadays as technology has moved on it was important that Playboy evolve along with it and despite the fact that the Playboy magazine itself still enjoys a healthy readership, even in this highly electronic-based era, the company also produces digital, mobile and social content for its readers. And that's not forgetting its hugely popular Playboy premium TV station that's available on cable and satellite.

The brand itself is labelled on various merchandise and other popular products which helps the company rake in more than a billion dollars in sales around the world. Aside from apparel and other accessories the Playboy logo and trademark has appeared on jewellery, fragrances and now even vapour and alcoholic products.

Playboy Online gives users a chance to enjoy original content which is not typically featured in the print edition of the magazine. Playboy gaming ventures have also seen the company move into the ever increasing gaming market, through various mobile betting projects as well as the set-up of new Playboy-themes casinos, where you can enjoy feeding your coins into the popular Playboy slot games.

With the company always looking to branch out into new territories, whether it be internationally or through technological innovation, and with an enviable source of financial backing this 60 plus year old brand looks set to stick around for a long time.