When you were still a child, your parents, maybe your grandparents, always tried to get you to do something, some sort of after-school activity. The reasons for that were rather simple. For one thing, they just didn't want you to hang out with the 'bad boys', they didn't want you get involved in activities that they, or the society in general, wouldn't appreciate. They preferred you to sing in a choir, do some physical exercise like play tennis, basketball, football, learn the art of playing chess. Maybe all of these at the same time and much more. The second reason why they wanted you to do something was to help you find something you love to do. The more things you try, the better the chance you will find something you actually like. Be it for your future job, or future spare-time activity you can always go back to.

Now that you're older, your parents don't tell you what to do anymore (well, most of your parents, but in some cases, of course, it never changes), you need to decide what to spend your time on yourself.

The fact is that besides work, we all need a hobby as well, we all need something to do to relieve the stress, to do something besides work. We can still play basketball, football, chess, sing in a choir, but there are also other options.
 article about GTA, fantasy, or online gambling - and the need to entertain ourselves
I was just talking to a friend of mine yesterday, and when I asked him why his flat mate hadn't come out, he said he was playing Counter Strike. Well, why the hell not. You don't always have to go out to enjoy your free time, you can also spend your time playing variety of slots online, pretending to be someone else in some fantasy game, or shoot them up in Grand Theft Auto. Or like me watch loads and loads of tv-series.

The choice is yours, nobody can tell you what you need to do to entertain yourself. The fact is that we all need something that we like - it doesn't matter what it is. What matters is that we would all have 'that thing' to help keep us sane in this ever-changing world.