This week at The Cheers will be an 'OLD' week. We will be publishing articles that appeared in the very first issues of The Cheers a year ago.

It was 17th March 2004 when The Cheers magazine published its first issue. Within the past year we have published articles written by more than 120 writers from more than 20 different countries, not to mention the fact that we have crashed 3 servers and now we're happily living on the servers of Crucial Paradigm.

Within the time we have been in business, we have published 19 different sections. That's a lot, aint' it? Now, starting from March 2005 we are going over to a new format and will start publishing 6 sections every week. Each section will contain at least 3 articles for your reading pleasure. The Cheers is meant to be a weekly entertainment magazine with international writers, and that's where we're heading now.

The sections that will be appearing at The Cheers starting from next Monday are: 'Entertainment' (including the former 'Cheers' humor section), 'Reviews,' 'Extreme sports,' 'Opinion,' 'Life' and 'Literary work.' I hope you will enjoy them all. Our staff will do the best to keep you reading our little but ambitious online magazine.

Hip-hip Hurray! Applause to our staff!

Our magazine staff, being volunteer and all that, is always changing. There are some people who have been with us since the first issues of The Cheers - people like Andy Martello, Steven Lochran, and Brenda Coxe. These are just a few. Our staff list has over 200 names, and many of those regulars, such as Lue Deck, Susan Levine, Steven Anderson, and Michael Jae, are constantly writing quality and engaging articles. It is because of these individuals that The Cheers is the great magazine that it is!

We also have some great editors. My assistants are Elizabeth Ross and Brenda Cox. I also want to mention our new section editors. Mark Hopkins, who is in charge of 'Literary work' and 'Entertainment' sections, has been with us since July and has put some great effort into the development of the magazine. Emily Bivens, one of our newer editors, will be in charge of the 'Opinion' section. Finally, Brenda Coxe, our own Assistant Editor-in-Chief, will be running the 'Life' section.

I know many of you have noticed that we also have some really great cartoonists on board, like Eric Lindgren, Max Espinoza, Tom Nicholson, Billy Leake. Be sure to check out their work every week @

It was tough, but we made it When we started a year ago, our life wasn't simple. We had 50 readers every day, which actually isn't even worth mentioning. Even though we still have lots of room for improvement, our reader numbers have increased a lot. Right now we have daily ca. 2000 visitors, and this number is increasing. Within the next couple of months we hope to reach the 10,000-level.

The Cheers – publication that's always improving We have also just launched a couple of new features at The Cheers. Check our JukeBox, which we have just launched, together with our partner This jukebox will be offering you music by unsigned musicians. Music that can't be heard elsewhere! This doesn't mean the music isn't good - actually it's great! I, myself, am probably the most eager listener. I would suggest everyone listen to the Acoustic playlist. In my opinion, it's the best right now. Of course, maybe you like pop or rock more. Who knows... It really doesn't matter anyway - you're always welcome at The Cheers!

We have also launched a daily ONLINE NEWS feature. This spot on our page will be listing overviews of different interesting articles found from online newspapers and magazines around the world. Right now we are looking for news editors for it, so if you're a regular news reader with an interest in journalism and you have editorial experience – be sure to contact us at

Thank you for reading The Cheers. This week we offer you articles from a year ago. Next week we will return with new content.