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LONG STORY SHORT Writing Site Honors Author's Short Story

 article about LONG STORY SHORT Writing Site Honors Authors Short Story

New York-based author's story chosen as Story of the Month by Writer's Digest's Top 101 Writing Website


New York, NY (PRWEB) June 9, 2006 -- The board of editors at Long Story
Short e-zine chose Mark Jabo's story, "A Sweetheart Like You" as it's
Story of the Month in June.

"A Sweetheart Like You" was inspired by the Bob Dylan song and a cautionary article about online dating.

Edited by Denise Cassino, Linda Barnett-Johnson, and Susan Scott, Long
Story Short features fine writing from fiction and poetry to essays
and, unlike many journals, also offers critiques from their submission
committee. Their goal is to promote and advance the work of writers

The URL to the story is

Mark Jabo is a writer, comic and financial consultant who spends time
in Florida, New York and Maryland. Originally from Philadelphia, Mark
has lived and worked all over the world including Tokyo, London and

Mark was a founding member of The Comics Roundtable, a writing and
performance group headed by Emmy-award winning comic, Paul Wagner. He
is a contributing writer for webzine and was a finalist
in Humor Press' "America's Funniest Humor" contest. Mark's short
stories have been featured on Apollo's Lyre and Long Story Short
websites - both sites have been honored by Writer's Digest as among the
"101 Best Writing Sites."

Mark co-produces a weekly comedy show in Rochester, NY called The Comedy Block Party. (

Learn more about Mark Jabo at

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