With cigarettes banned from restaurants, movie theaters, hotel lobbies and the workplace, many smokers are looking for an alternative. E-cigarettes are not new to the market. In fact, the first one hit the shelves between 2003 and 2004. They are, however, constantly changing and developing to suit the needs of the users. 
The original selection was limited to one maybe two models; they were simple in design, simple in flavor, had a small battery that you needed to charge often and didn't really produce much of a vapor. Today there are many products out there in an assortment of sizes and functions and you can get satisfying vapors like e-juice with latakia tobacco flavor and full bodied tobacco flavors from around the globe. 

Types of E-Cigarettes
The smallest and most recognized of the bunch is the E-Cig-A-Likes. This is due to their uncanny resemblance to an actual cigarette. On the plus side, it's available almost anywhere and it's discreet and easy to carry. On the downside, it was the first model so it has a small battery that needs recharging often and if you are a heavy smoker the small vapor amounts produced are not going to satisfy you. 

The most popular in recent history is the mid-sized/Ego- electronic cigarette. They have the battery on the bottom a refillable tank on the top and use e-liquid/e-juice (sold separately). In addition, the battery holds a charge longer and this type produces more vapor, ideal for the heavier smoker. 

There are also Advanced Personal Vapors, known as Mods. They are larger in size and give a heavier smoker access to the next level in E-Cigarettes. With this type, you control the functions including battery use, voltage as well as the amount of vapor produced. In other words, you customize them to your liking. Relatively new to the market and once again as the first kid on the block, they resemble a cigarette. The new approach is that there is no nicotine at all, making it the least harmful of the bunch. It uses shisha e-liquid and a battery charge to produce the vapor. 

Selection of Flavors
When the e-cigarette made its first debut in 2003, the selection was limited to menthol or non-menthol.  Since that time not only has the e-cigarette design improved to satisfy individual users but the selection is seemingly endless. So much so that many companies sell sample size packs with 8, 10 and even 24 of their biggest sellers. You can get generic tobacco flavors, a variety of menthols, fruits, desserts, coffee blend, lemonade and other beverages. In addition, companies such as Black Note are advertising to have the first chemical and additive free assortment. They use only real tobacco leaves, aged to produce rich flavor without possible harmful side effects.

Quitting the Habit
At the end of the day, quitting smoking entirely is the best decision. For someone who just started to smoke or who never smoked, this is easy to do. But, for the guy who has been smoking for decades, hanging up the habit cold turkey isn't an option. For this group of people, e-cigarettes give enough variation where the user can find something that works for them. As more companies sign on and peddle these inventions, it won't be long before even the heaviest smoker takes the plunge and removes his daily ingestion of over 100 chemicals found in every cigarette smoked.