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Sun Times: Top Sunny Travel Destinations in Europe this Summer

 article about Sun Times: Top Sunny Travel Destinations in Europe this Summer
2014-05-23 12:08:31
There's no need to look outside of Europe when it comes to late deal holidays this summer. Bursting with cities to explore, beaches to lie on, and night life, many top European travel destinations await the curious, the adventurous, and, generally, anyone who's getting itchy feet.

Italy is a popular pick for culture vultures who like their pizzas fresh from the oven and ice cream whipped up in front of their very eyes. History lies on every corner in Rome, from the Romans at the Coliseum to the fifteenth-century Sistine Chapel in the Vatican City. Meanwhile, Sorrento, the home of Limoncello, has a harbor to marvel at, not to mention those fabulous cliff-top views.

Should your eyes turn to the recipient of travel awards Portugal, you can sip wines galore in the northern city of Porto. Boasting sweeping views and boat rides on the river Douro, visit on the 23rd and 24th June for Port's biggest annual party, with fireworks galore lighting up the skies, all launched from boats on the river.

Of course, mention somewhere sunny and you'll think of that familiar (and cheerful!) country Spain. Again the country tops the leader board for sunshine, hotels, and food choice for all tastes and budgets. The Costa del Sol and the Costa Dorada are two popular destinations — and rightly so, they're gorgeous!

Take the Costa Dorada first. Not only is a fine place to holiday, located on Spain's east coast it's also within driving distance of Barcelona — or a high-speed train journey on the AVE if you don't fancy the roads. Salou is a big hit with tourists and has the famous Port Aventura water park nearby; the House of Illusion, a show for all ages; and the Levante beach with sand as far as the eye can see, play areas and a plethora of bars and shops. Anyone who likes history must visit Tarragona, is a must for anyone who likes history – this port city's walls and Roman architecture are absolutely fascinating.

The Costa del Sol (the Sunshine Coast) borders the Mediterranean in the south of Spain, and has resorts ideal for families, couples, and groups. Benalmadena with its promenade, bars, and restaurants is a top family choice. Meanwhile, Torremolinos is famed for its night life and sandy beaches. Marbella and Puerto Banus host jet-set parties around the marina, which is full to the brim with yachts, luxury cars and bars.

Europe is the place to be this summer. With its cracking destinations, you can't fail to have a good holiday. In fact, you have every chance of having a tremendous one.

Image by kevinpoh, used under Creative Commons license.

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