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Britain's Best Bevvies

 article about Britains Best Bevvies
2015-07-06 06:20:25
When the sun comes out for a few minutes in Britain we tend to go straight for the fridge (after complaining that it's now too hot of course). The cold drinks come out and we go off in search of ice, and then decide that it's time to find a beer garden.

This craving is even worse when you're sat in a hot, stuffy office all day knowing full-well that you're bound to see pictures on Facebook of your friends soaking up the sun and enjoying a nice cold beer while you're still sat staring at your spreadsheets and looking when your next meeting is.

It even gets so bad that some people ditch their healthy salads or mundane sandwiches at lunchtime in favour of a "liquid lunch" in the pub around the corner from their place of work.

Soaking up the sun

The thing is, the summer is often so brief and so disappointing in the UK that we don't often get the chance to make the most of it while it lasts. At the weekends the weather tends to take a turn for the worse so we jump at any opportunity to have an ice cream or a cold beer outside a good old British pub on a picnic bench with friends and family.

Now, we all have our own tastes when it comes to food and drink, and while plenty is made about "Britain's best dish" or what our national food is, we very rarely talk about Britain's favourite drink. Ireland is famous for its Guinness, but what about Britain as a whole?

Just what do we go for first when we race out of work or out of the house the second we see the weather forecast?, who sell spirits online, commissioned a survey to look into just that.

Britain's best bevvie
Of the almost 400 people who talk part in the survey from all over Britain, and the majority of respondents - 69 (17%) - with both male and female voters, went for beer, or real ale, as their preferred drink.

When pulled together under the topics of wine, lager, beer, cider, spirits and Ďothers' (such as Guinness and "alco-pops"), the majority verdict went in favour of spirits, however, with 136 votes (34%).

With beer the most popular choice by some way, it was interesting to see how close the other choices were. The second favourite was wine (generically - i.e. no preference in terms of rose, white or red), with 47 (11.9%), then cider and vodka with 42 apiece (10.6%), just ahead of lager which brought in 41 votes (10.3%).

Cocktails, rather surprisingly when you consider their association with celebrations and partying, only picked up 10 votes (2%) while Guinness - which is incredibly popular in Ireland - brought in just 6 votes (1%).

 article about Britains Best Bevvies

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