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Picture led route takes you a long way - Try Instagram

 article about Picture led route takes you a long way - Try Instagram
2017-03-08 06:10:30
Marketing professionals and brand managers are on a constant lookout for new technologies and platforms to provide the ultimate consumer experience to the target audience. They experiment, try and analyze the return on investment around the gimmicks and techniques they adopt. With changing dynamics of the consumer psyche, videos and picture-based strategies are performing better. The consumers are low on their attention span and look for instant gratification. A picture speaks of a thousand words and a minute long video has the capability of showing over 1.8 million words. This is better than writing long essays to talk about the same. Picture sharing apps and sites have gained momentum with extraordinary features that add to the ‘wow' factor. Instagram is one such app, which is heavily used by the consumers. It is a photo-sharing app and is also being used by marketing professionals.

Consumer psyche and Instagram
Instagram unleashes the inner photographer out of its user with soothing filters that add an edge to the pictures. Likewise, the brand managers can leverage on this app with relevant hash tags to stir the target audience. Unlike Facebook, Instagram posts are visible to all the followers on their respective newsfeed. The paid promotions are slightly different and don't interfere with the repository page. Numbers play a big role in terms of likes and followers. To smoothen this ordeal, brand can buy Instagram followers at credible websites to add on to their base. Higher the followers – higher is the reach and credibility. If a prospective consumer reads 1 million followers, he will be induced to follow, as he does not want to miss out on anything. The feeling of being left out creeps in. He feels that he is not updated enough than what is meant to be. This makes him follow to keep up with the changing patterns.

Tonality and content approach
Every marketer's approach should be to generate organic traffic and followers with the help of the paid ones. The organic crowd is the genuine ones who will click on the links and even purchase your offerings. This should be taken up as a challenge to churn out thought provoking creative and concepts. These act as a magnet and attract the relevant audience. Instagram also works on hash tags so keep following for more. Look for the current trends and offerings. Try implementing the same and reap the benefits. Instagram shows the number of posts that are revolving around a particular set of hash tags. Use it properly for the ultimate user engagement and experience on your Instagram page.

Organic versus paid on Instagram
The marketers need to buy Instagram followers to create a base for prospective organic followers. You should not feel content around the ‘numbers' when you are low on organic followers. You need to roll up your sleeves and create interesting content to attract the audience. Your posts should speak of your brand and its offerings with layers of subtlety. It should be direct only when required and should contain appropriate links, hash tags and tags. Instagram has now evolved into offering video led and GIF led routes that can be monetized. Keep looking for more for the ultimate brand experience.

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