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Trump - you're fired

2016-01-30 04:49:07

It takes a miracle to take me on the side of Fox news, and the miracle has happened - Donald Trump. If there's something more full of bull than Fox News, it's Donald Trump. Everyone are against him. Well, at least everyone who has the ability to think a bit forward. Recently Stephen Colbert hosted a Trump vs. Trump debate - not really sure if Donald or Mr. Trump won, I'll leave that to you, but it showed even more how full of it this guy is.

Even when thinking of Trump's own TV reality The Apprentice - he himself would fire anyone so full of crap on the spot.

He says that crime statistics show that blacks kill 81 percent of white homicide victims. Not true! (see yourself)

He said he watched in Jersey City, N.J., where thousands and thousands of people were cheering. He must have been on drugs or something.

He said the unemployment rate might be as high as 42 percent. Not true. Even by putting together a new type of unemployment rate it goes onyl as high as 14.8. (see yourself) percent.

He says Mexico doesn't have birthright citizenship, and neither does pretty much any other country has it. The truth is United States is one of 33 countries with such a policy. (see yourself)

Trump is full of it, and you know it. Trump - you're fired!

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