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Here’s How You Pick The Best Credit Card Fit For You

 article about Here’s How You Pick The Best Credit Card Fit For You
2017-02-02 05:08:14
Picking your card can be a real chore. The variety is more than boggling. There are specialized deals, dedicated offers, terms and conditions that go beyond the understanding of a mere mortal.

I sometimes even wonder if the guys who created these rules knew what they were writing or, perhaps, they had a lot of sheets with random sets of materials on the floor and then they let a chicken loose and whenever it laid to rest was considered as a pivotal element of the banking system.

Sure enough, service can save the day, but we should really start with covering the basics.

Fitting card

A card that fits like a glove isn't just an offer. It must be a deal you can handle well. Some cards are really pricy. Few first timers can afford them. So here's what you should really pay attention to:

  • Fees. Cards with a lower fee don't cover many risks. If you are 100% sure you will cover the debt in time and in full than consider going for the lower fee ones. Otherwise they may prove as too risky.

  • Awards. If you set your mind to paying the balance in full every month after all – consider a card that has decent loyalty rewards. This way you will be able to win some money back.

  • Rates. The lower the rate on the card the higher are the fees you pay. They are beneficial for those who will use a card regularly. This way you will save more on a rate than you will lose on a fee.
     article about Here’s How You Pick The Best Credit Card Fit For You

    Spending limits

    You must always know about the spending limit and you should do your best to minimize it. The bank can give you a juicy deal but remember – that money are not yours and you will have to pay them back sooner or later. It's best not to cross the line.

    I even advise you to decrease the limit and adjust it to your needs than simply go with what the bank is currently offering. This is a wise step you will be thanking me for later on!

    Check out the math

    See how the bank is calculating their interest. You will always pay the bank with more money than you took. The only difference is will that more be a 10% total of a whopping 65% if all the fees and rates are added up!

    That's it. You now know all there is to know and you can safely apply for a credit card. Just remember to play it smart and you will end up with an impressive credit history and a plethora of newly opened opportunities.

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