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Five Nervous Predictions for the 2016 MTV VMAs

 article about Five Nervous Predictions for the 2016 MTV VMAs
2016-08-10 08:20:44
The MTV VMAs are set to be held on Sunday the 28th of August 2016. The VMAs have always created room for nervous predictions on who is going to win what. It has gotten so bad that the event should be officially offered at online casino as an event that fans can bet on. Visit Casino UK | Best online casino games in the United Kingdom for more information about how to play online casino games.

This year is no different. The nominees are out and tongues have already started wagging each with their own predictions of who is going to come out tops.
Calvin Harris and Kanye West are going head to head for the best Male Video. Harris is nominated for his song "This is What you came for" and Kanye West for "Famous". Although it does seem to be a competition the Calvin Harris is out of his league.

Designer has two nominations, one for best new artist and the other for Best Hip Hop Video. It seems highly likely that he will win at least one of the categories in which he is nominated. Not so much because he is so good but because the other nominees suck.

Best Rock Video will go to Twenty One pilots for their video Heathens. The duos video is up against Coldplay and Panic but they seem set to take this one home.

Adele has 8 nominations and she has to win a couple of those. Although we are not sure that she will make it to event. She seems to have outgrown the spectacle after the 2012 awards.
This year it does look like it is going to be Beyonce's year. The diva is nominated for 11 awards for tracks on lemonade and the album itself. Beyonce will also be performing on the night. The organisers wouldn't dare get Jay Z's woman to perform and not give her a couple of moonmans to adorn Blue Ivy's nursery.

The event is set to close with a tribute to Prince, for what really? Prince's videos have been described as being just as bad as pornography. The night might be better spent playing slots at casinos like– best online casino site for australians or some other real money casino game. Pain therapy; use the pain of losing money to numb the pain watching the VMAs.

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