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3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

 article about 3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes
2015-01-05 08:08:08
We live in an age where celebrity culture is prominent, and while this is often derided it is important to note that the will to aspire can actually have a positive impact on society. This can even be applied to material desires, as deciding that you want to live in a celebrity-inspired dream home can motivate you to achieve future success. With the Dream Home Finder by Property Rescue making it easier to source and locate properties, all you have to do is seek inspiration from the wonderful world of celebrity living.

Cher's Malibu Mansion
Cher is one of America and Hollywood's most recognisable icons, and one who has transcended different generations. Here Malibu mansion is also incredible, complete with a stunning exterior, rows of palm trees and Mediterranean arches.

Eva Longoria's Hollywood Haven
Most famous for her role on U.S. hit series Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria has invested heavily in this stunning Hollywood home. Clearly a fan of pink tones and flamboyant design, she is an icon to anyone with a unique sense of self and an undying love of bold colours.
 article about 3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

Jamie Lee Curtis' Quaint and Modest Santa Monica Home
 article about 3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

Jamie Lee Curtis shot to fame with her role in John Carpenter's seminal horror movie Halloween. Her choice in home is slightly at odds with her Hollywood superstar status, however, as it is picturesque and quaint rather than bold or lavish. Located in the peaceful Santa Monica landscape, it proves that celebrity style can occasionally be restrained and tastefully beautiful.

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3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

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3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

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3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

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3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

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3 of the most Amazing Celebrity Homes

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