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Playboy Bunnies and Free Cash – Gratis-fication Guaranteed

 article about Playboy Bunnies and Free Cash – Gratis-fication Guaranteed
2014-09-09 04:47:37
When did instant gratification get a bad name? Where did that crazy idea that you have to put something off for a while to make it worthwhile come from? I mean, if we took that kind of thinking to its natural conclusion none of us we get any of anything! Life would just turn into one great big, bad tempered Rolling Stones track (the one about not getting any satisfaction).

So, before I start to get too wound up, let us give thanks for the internet!

So here's the story. Whilst giving serious thought to the subject of gratification the other day I came across a site that hit all the right numbers right up front. If selfish pleasure is your thing – and this is not about porn, by the way – then the 32Red online casino is right up your street.

OK, it's an online casino. No problem there – you deposit some cash, you play in a virtual casino, you get a kick out of the game and if the cards fall your way you get to walk away with a profit too. Instant gratification on two counts for the price of one if that happens: So far so good.

But as a new visitor, if you click on the button that says play now at 32Red they give you free cash as well. It looks as though the offers change from time to time, but when I did it they were offering to bounce ten bucks up to $32 just for taking part! And if you were to go in big they'd push that all the way to $250. In old terms they'd say you could have that money gratis.

I mean, if you're into a bit of harmless fun – and the site owners make big deal of there being about 500 hundred different varieties of fun on this site – what's not to like? I reckon we're up to three for the price of one already.

Not impressed yet?

OK, here's the stinger. Not only are the casino games live and interactive, so you are playing against real life people - not just a machine – the croupiers are all Playboy Bunnies! And yes, they know what they're doing, and yes it does make for a really stimulating experience in all sorts of ways.

There is something about there being real money at stake alongside that eye candy that is just too hot not to share. And some people do win a heck of a lot of cash. To be honest, I'm not quite sure how they do that. But what I did learn was that there is something about losing your dollar to a Playboy Bunny who smiles as she takes your stake that hits a spot so far deep down inside of me there isn't a word for it in the language.

And it was free money! Holy, holy hallelujah! Sometimes life is just too sweet for words. I doubt that Keith Richards ever got so high or that James Brown ever felt so good.

I've been moved people. Moved in a way that only happens very occasionally. I've been so moved I've had to invent a new word for what I found.

The word is Instant Gratis-fication – and you know what? It might have taken me a while to get there, but I think it was almost worth the wait.

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