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The Art of the Passive Aggressive Note

 article about The Art of the Passive Aggressive Note
2016-04-13 08:28:53
Have you ever felt the wrath of another and received a passive aggressive note? Perhaps you left your car in a space they wanted or you'd forgotten to wash the dishes just one time too many. 20% of people say they have!

Or maybe you're the one leaving the notes yourself, getting sick of your housemates never bothering to scrub the toilet or your work colleagues leaving the microwave in a bit of a state? Even though 83% of people say they've never left one before, we all know that's really because they just don't know how to put one together perfectly.

Luckily for us, Data Label have put together a handy infographic looking in depth at the art of creating the perfect passive aggressive note – ideal for your fits of temper and wrath. 61% of people say that they'd feel offended if they received one of these notes, but no fear! This infographic will teach you how to put one together with incurring the wrath of another. Looking at how to style your language and craft the note perfectly using your Ps and Qs as well as handy diagrams, follow the useful examples provided by real life experiences of passive aggressive notes and you'll never get stuck trying to express your feelings again.

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