5. Web Wild West
The early, unregulated days of the internet allowed online casino developers to bring the joys of gaming to living room punters. The quality has improved immensely since those halcyon days of the mid-90s, with access to an ever greater number of casinos and games rooms becoming easier for more and more people. But without those formative, stumbling steps taken by the early pioneers, online gaming wouldn't be here at all, which is why our number five innovation is the internet itself.

4. Video slot machines
Though the traditional three-reel slot machines are still spinning somewhere in the world, the vast majority are video slot machines. The earliest examples have provided a template for online game developers, so video slot and poker old hands can find some version of their favourite 80s classic on the internet. Just like land-based casinos, the cheap punt offered by virtual video slots is very attractive to a certain demographic – and profitable for the casinos.

3. Live dealers
No matter how reputable and secure a gaming site is, there will always be doubters who suspect the veracity of an automated shuffle or roulette wheel spin. Enter the ‘live dealer' phenomenon, whereby real dealers deal real cards, with players watching the action in real time.

2. Bonuses
Competition is high online, and sites have responded with bonuses, extras, freebies and other perks. It's great news for the consumer, who has a greater choice of increasingly niche business models.

1.Interactive TV games
Some sites, like livecasino.co.uk, have upped the ante on the ‘live dealer' concept. Players can now watch and interact with games on TV at all sorts of venues, making the experience of online gaming even more convenient than ever before.