Excellent sea resorts, historical and archaeological sites, delicious food, traditional spa, Turkey has it all. The country is ranked the 6th most popular destination for holidays in the world. No matter if you choose to explore the secrets of Istanbul or to relax on the beach in one of the popular sea resorts, a memorable holiday is guaranteed. And when people spend a memorable holiday they want to take some souvenir from the country to remind them of the happy days.

#1 Turkey can offer to its visitors not only attractive but also useful souvenirs. The country is famous all over the world for the jewelleries. It is a well known fact that precious metals in Turkey are a bit cheaper. Besides there are a great variety for every taste.

#2 Another excellent souvenir for your friends is the popular Turkish delight. It is known as Lokum in the country and is prepared with starch gel and sugar. There are many various kinds with all types of nuts and spices. Lokum was first made in Constantinople (now Istanbul) in 18th century but became very popular in Western Europe in 19th century. Back then it was a very tasteful gift and still it can be not only beautiful but also delicious souvenir from a wonderful holiday.

#3 Spices are also a highly recommended gift from Turkey. There is a special Spice Bazaar in Istanbul. On the stands there tourists can find real treasures with different color, taste and smell. After all, the city is a spice trading center for centuries. On the Spice Bazaar you can also find great variety of nuts and dry fruits as well as the nosy tea that the Turks love so much.

#4 If you are looking for something slightly bigger as a souvenir, think about buying one of the colorful carpets that are typical for Turkey. They are not simply carpets but piece of art. Turks use the Persian word kilim. When looking for one make sure they are made in Turkey and not China or India. The experienced buyers say that you will know your kilim when you see it.

#5 The country is also widely popular for its leather products. Bags, belts, wallets, jackets… It is the same as with jewelry – there is something for every taste and you can make a real deal because leather products in Turkey are not that expensive.

#6 Actually if you are looking for clothes, shopping in Turkey can be a good idea. The quality of the textiles there, like cotton and silk, is really great and many European factories use Turkish fabric for a reason.

#7 That's why scarf is also a thoughtful souvenir. At Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or at many other places you can find scarfs in all colors, materials and shapes.

#8 One small but typical Turkish souvenir is the Evil Eye. Don't worry it's a lucky charm. This is a blue bead made of glass that pops up everywhere in Turkey. Even if you are not superstitious Evil Eye can be an attractive gift.

#9 Onyx products are beautiful souvenirs too. The stone is extracted in mines in Anatolia and comes in different shades of white, pink, cream, purple and even green and blue. On the markets you will find interesting lamps, candleholders, vases or jewelry boxes made of onyx.

#10 Don't pass by the ceramic products on those markets as well. They came in various designs, either modern or traditional. Look for the handmade masterpieces which make wonderful gifts. They also come with the story of the Turkish ceramic traditions which date back to the 8th century.