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As a direct result of the latest developments in Fiji whereby the Fijian military dictatorship has thrown both the Australian and New Zealand High Commissioners out of the country as well as the removal from Fiji of a Fijian-born Australian academic, after he criticised the Bainimarama military regime, I have no option but to strongly recommend that people intending to travel to Fiji for both holiday or business purposes, refrain from doing so as their safety can now no longer be guaranteed.

The Travelwise travel advisory now clearly must read "Do Not Travel To Fiji For Any Purpose".

As a consequence the travel advisory must also apply to Fiji's airline Air Pacific as it uses Nadi Airport as a destination and transit airport.

While the travel advisory primarily applies to Australian and New Zealand citizens, it also applies to EU and US citizens as well as citizens of any other countries with sanctions in place against the Fijian regime.

In my view, traveller safety is paramount when travelling to specific countries and in Fiji's case, given the latest developments, safety can no longer be guaranteed.

This travel advisory remains in place until the current military dictatorship removes itself from Fijian political processes as to accommodate proper democratic processes including the conducting of EU and internationally-monitored elections.

Recommendations. DO NOT TRAVEL TO FIJI.
Alternatives. Vanuatu, New Caledonia,

Henk Luf.