This article belongs to Travelwise column.

As a result of a current Pakistani Army ground offensive in the Pakistani Tribal Regions bordering Afghanistan as well as the fact that major air strike activity in the Pakistan / Afghanistan border regions is being intensified, Travelwise is issuing a 'DO NOT TRAVEL TO PAKISTAN' warning.

The border regions are extremely dangerous territory at this point in time and persons travelling into these regions are highly likely to be intercepted by either the Pakistani Army, other ground forces or through air strikes on a 'shoot first ask questions later' basis and the likelihood of border region travellers being returned home in a box is better than 99% at this point in time.

Taliban retaliatory action in other areas of Pakistan is ongoing and is extremely likely to increase in weeks to come and therefore movement within Pakistan will be either unpredictable and even dangerous.

There is also a high risk of air strikes being conducted on Pakistani territory other than the border region as to remove Taliban elements from within those areas.

As with Afghanistan, Pakistan is a dangerous place these days.

Henk Luf.