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FIJI. 07 August 2009

 article about FIJI. 07 August 2009

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Fiji is a Pacific Ocean island nation located half-way between eastern Australia and Hawaii. The population largely consists of people of Indian descent as well as the local Fijian population.

Fiji's main sources of income are the tourism industry as well as sugar production. Fiji's tourism industry is a well-developed and viable one with a number of island and other resorts offering what such resorts normally offer. The main tourism flow comes from Australia and New Zealand although tourism from other places, including the EU, has also been viable.

While, in the past, Fiji has had military coups, the country has always eventually returned to democratic rule and, in the past, there has never been a threat to the personal safety of visitors.

The latest military coup was conducted by a rather insignificant Fiji Navy man, a Frank Bainimarama, who imposed military rule in the country as well as abolishing parliament and sacking Ministers. He has thrown journalists out of the country, interfered with religious processes and just recently, appointed a new President, another former military man.

The Fiji military regime, assisted by sanctions imposed by a number of countries including Australia, New Zealand and EU as well the world economic recession, should now be regarded and oppressive, unpredictable and unstable.
As much as I dislike doing this, I do not currently recommend travel to and within Fiji for business and holiday purposes

While the tourism industry conducts a 'business as usual' range of activities and while visitor safety has not yet become an issue, I recommend that caution should now apply in relation to Fiji as a viable tourism and travel destination this in light of the increasing unpredictability of the military regime,

As much as I dislike doing this, I do not currently recommend travel to and within Fiji for business and holiday purposes until such time that normal democratic rule returns to Fiji once again.

Viable alternative business tourism and leisure tourism destinations within the region are Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

At this point in time I cannot recommend Fiji as a holiday destination and cautions applies if you must travel there.

10 out of 100.

Henk Luf.

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