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Top 5 Inventions Associated with Bacteria

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Bacteria can cause an infinite amount of problems; however it can also be pretty useful. From the bacteria that our body needs to survive to how it can be used to create some truly useful inventions. Below are the best 5 inventions in recent history that involve bacteria somewhere along the way.

  1. Bacterial Battery Over 20 years ago it was discovered that bacteria could be used to create energy, but Mandy and Ashihara from Murdoch College put that to good use by creating enough energy from bacteria to power a small electrical device, such as a calculator or remote control.
  2. Insulin Production Recent breakthroughs in medical science have led scientist to the brink of producing healthy bacteria that could one day replace the common insulin injection that is so vital to diabetes sufferers.
  3. Antibacterial Technology Harmful bacteria can grow on just about any surface or material imaginable, but with companies like Microban Europe producing an invention that can be integrated into any material that prevents this bacteria growing, the future of picking up coughs and colds from unclean surfaces could be a thing of the past.
  4. Alcohol Hand Sanitizers The increase of bacteria caused illnesses in the healthcare sector has caused companies like Avant to create alcohol based sanitizers that claim to kill up to 99.9% of all bacteria they come in contact with.
  5. Pro-Biotic Yoghurts There are lots of brands out there, including the big ones we all know like Danone and Yakult that claim that by drinking their yoghurts you will be healthier. Well there is a lot behind it that suggests they are right. Many studies have revealed that "topping up your healthy bacteria" can aid your digestive system, particularly after illnesses and periods of poor diet.

Whether it be fighting against bacteria, or using it for our own gains, it is an indisputably huge part of all of our lives, yet is completely undetectable to the human eye.

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