Well, maybe you do. Maybe you don't. However, because February is National Condom Month, we decided to talk about condoms a bit, especially as the makers of Trojan® Brand Condoms have come out with an educational campaign about the myths surrounding the condoms as well as how to use them properly. Take a look at their educational video "Condom Sense: A How-To Guide for Getting It On" below.

In short, common mistakes in Condom use:

  • Obviously the most common mistake is not to use condom at all.
  • When you open a condom, make sure you use your fingers, not a Swiss knife or scissors, also teeth are not as good idea as some of you might think.
  • When putting it on, make sure you put it on the right way - make sure the rolled up ring is on the outside and the tip is up. If it doesn't unroll, it might be backwards, damaged, or too old.
  • Put on the condom before entering, but after knocking.

Couple of stupid ideas about condoms:

  • It's safer to use two condoms. Nope - that can actually increase the chance of them ripping.
  • You have to be 18 to buy condoms. Nope - otherwise it would be like a campaign "STI's only for the teens!"

And some (not very important) facts about condoms you might or might have not known before:

  • Condoms, depending on the brand, can hold up to 3.5 liters of liquid
  • Egyptians allegedly used "condoms" already 1350 BC, the condoms were made of animal bladders or intestines.
  • Some tests have shown that only latex condoms can stop the transmission of HIV.
  • More than 10 billion condoms are sold every year.

Always make sure your condoms aren't exposed to heat, keep them in cool, dry places and when using them, make sure the expiration date hasn't passed. If a condom breaks, go to a clinic and ask about emergency contraception.