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Most people enjoy a nice wine; the smooth berry beverage essential within health and happiness.

Budget-friendly Wines provided modest-means consumers accessibility to Palet Enlightenment; easy to drink, food-friendly and easy to find. Pinot Noir, under $18, light colored and flavored red wine. Merlots, subtle and savory wines mixed with black pepper tones. Cabernet Sauvignon, red; both under $10. White wines include Chardonnays, Riesling, and Shiroz, all under $10. It is said that ‘Port" is the most fortified wine; called so after the English boycotted French wine in the late 17th Century as a result of war and purchased wine from Portugal. The bit of Brandy added to hold through travel made it fortified Vintage. Port is the only true bottled-aged while all others are wood-aged; Ruby Port, Tawny Port, White Port.

The consumption of Wine is beneficial per health to happiness, being closely intertwined with the histories of agriculture, cuisine and socializing.

Health- Moderate (2-3 glasses per day) wine consumption is associated with a significant reduction in Cardiovascular disease and Cancer among men. Also associated with 30% reduction in death rate from all causes 35% from Cardiovascular, 10%-24% reduction in Cancer (French Paradox)

It is known that alcohol consumption reduced the risk of Coronary Heart disease; but over-use of Wine and alcohol begets Alcoholism, cancelling out the pros over the cons.

Researchers at University hospital in Zurich identifies a mechanism for how alcohol favorably affects Arterial Muscle cells. When consumed around mealtime, reduces the proliferation of smooth muscle cells within the arteries. The equivalent of two glasses of Wine with a high-fat meal resulted in a 20% decrease in the growth of arterial muscle cells which could have a profound effect on heart disease. The ingestion at mealtime is beneficial due to the ability of wine to counter adverse effects of fatty food during critical digestion phase (Renaud). Food is absorbed more slowly which has a prolonged effect on blood platelet when they are under the influence of alimentary lipids. Red wine during mealtime reduces LDL by 20% overall; may prevent blood clotting triggered by fat. A study by Nurses' Health show wine significantly reduces the risk of Kidney Stones; associated with the reduced risk of Stroke. Wine consumption may put one at a lower risk of Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular disease, decrease overall mortality rates while potentially improving one's health all together; neglecting over-consumption which equals alcoholism.

Happiness. The joy of Wine per person depends on physical and psychological makeup plus social environment. Women appear to be more responsive than men, probably because the drinking of Wine is for different reasons most times. Men for courage, women for relaxation. Whatever your mood is when you start drinking is only enhanced by wine consumption. ‘Drink, drink and be merry, just don't let the night become scary' they shouted and they sang. ‘Drink, drink and be merry, just don't let it get scary'.