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Travelling the World Part 3 - Hotels and Accommodation

 article about Travelling the World Part 3 - Hotels and Accommodation

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One of the biggest expense when people go wondering around the world is accommodation and one can lose large amounts of money in wasted hotel accommodation if the subject as to where to stay is not properly considered.

Take this scenario for instance.
A lot of hotels and resorts have star-ratings from one to five.
The only problem though is while the star-rating may give some guide as to what to expect in hotel feature, it should always be taken as a guide as, officially, there is no such thing as a star-rating, merely a classification that the hotel/resort industry has bestowed upon itself.

Indeed in some instances, the star-rating has turned out to be a total nonsense.

Some hotels are very good actually while others are total crap and not worth considering.

Also, when hotels and resorts tout themselves as luxurious resorts read extra dollars, Euros or whatever money one might prefer.

When I walk into a hotel, I first thing I do is to have a good look around. Feel free to open curtains, open storage areas, check out the fridge and check the bed to see if the bed-linen has actually been changed before you arrived on the scene. Check out the service as to test the level of competency of the staff.

Some of the hotel chains have establishments that all look the same and one can take one guide that I often use.

If I wake up in the morning and I have to look out of the window to see where I am then the hotel has got a problem.

In major cities and tourism destinations, hotel and room security might well be a problem.

Make sure that all your valuables are either with you, near you or well secured.
I have special methods of ensuring my security but, for your average traveller, I would not recommend those so don't ask.

In terms of resorts, make sure that all the leisure facilities and equipment actually work and that such facilities have the safety standards that are required. Getting injured during your travel can be very expensive.

Some of the much better options in terms of accommodation are Bed and Breakfast establishments.

Some of these are very good and often you may find that the people running these places involve their establishment with their own local activities. Also often B&B operators will give a very good guide as to how their local community works and functions.

As an extension of the B&B, travellers might like to look at 'homestays'. It is a system whereby visitors stay with a local family in any given place often fully involving visitors with local activities. It is a great way to get to learn local habits and cultures. In some countries visitors can enjoy 'farmstays' whereby they can participate in the day to day running of rural farm properties.

Last but not least there are the back-packer places.
In these instances caution applies. Some are very good while a substantial number of these places can only be described as 'people-storage' establishments.

Some of them are even unsafe with fire regulations being ignored and other safety provisions being totally absent. Extreme caution applies when people look at what these places offer.

In all cases though, do your research and do it well.
Check out what is on offer and check out how much people charge. If the two aspects do not balance then the subject establishment should not be considered in terms of providing value for money and this goes for the top-end of the market as well as the bottom end.

After all that. Enjoy.

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