Technology today is like the carrot dangling in front of the horse that he can never get a grip on, however far he runs or however fast he runs. What wikipedia.org defines technology as is different from what it has grown to be today. This is a common disease today that seems to have bitten all people regardless of their age, sex, language or country.

The toddler is busy fiddling with the latest gadgets specially designed for him. While his elder sibling has many more devices to play with-that keeps him from getting out of the house but keep him in touch with the outside. And of course the adults have technically up to date devices for practically everything. Just google.com it and you will be bombarded with images of the latest gadgets hitting the market to cater to all needs- may be even needs you still aren't aware of.

Today we all are bitten by this bug and with no cure in sight. From finding the weather outside to knowing what your neighbor is doing is all available at the touch of a button.

And it's this technology that has killed originality too kids today just search it and copy it. Employees just have to find something similar to the assignment at hand that someone somewhere may have done and uploaded- he then just has to copy-paste and voila it's done. Only if the poor original writer had used cite.com, a free and easy to use Citation and Bibliography maker, his hard work would not have been victimized in the hands of technology and plagiarized like this.

Cite.com is one such tool- yes like many others that are helping technology get its good old name back, by making sure if information is used the owner of that writing is giving the due. Now only if there was a similar tool to cite.com that could save all the ideas that seem to be stolen by people and claimed to be their own today. So even though technology was created to help us its over use is just killing originality and imagination for quite a few of us. Just because the technology makes information readily available to you doesn't mean it is yours to use.

Save this technology bug from killing originality, use cite.com !