When buying a new mobile phone we are confronted with an array of jargon; breaking down the barriers of new consumer technologies can certainly be a daunting prospect if you've lost touch with trends and innovations. Mobile phone technology is one of the most fascinating areas of technological innovation right now and their combinations of intuitive software and powerful hardware make choosing the right phone for you a bigger decision than ever. Look at the great diversity of choice and deals on Phones 4 U.

You must decide which features you value most on a phone and whittle down the jargon to a few simple terms. You need a good user interface from which you control the phones functions – companies like Apple often tend to set the benchmark in these areas and the intuitive nature of their products is there for all to see. Android haven't lingered in the shadows either and their operating can make a good case for being at least the equal of their rivals. Now that Windows has emerged the choice looks like a distinctly three horse race between IOS, Android and Windows.

You need a good processor to power your phone through the multitasking associated with being a modern phone. A phone is very much a personal assistant these days and if you're a gamer, downloader or heavy internet browser you may look to dual or quad core processors as being of paramount importance.

A good screen is also one of the main selling points and to find the best you need to look at things like pixel density and brightness. Phones like the HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5 excel here. The new Sony Xperia models such as the Xperia T also have great screens and top of the range cameras to get the best from them.

Cut through the jargon and use a few simple search terms for comparison. Sites like that of Phones 4 U are ideal in assisting you in your choice with their smartphone comparison tool.