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MAKING THE PREPAID CONNECTION: Information about Long Distance Phone Cards

 article about MAKING THE PREPAID CONNECTION:  Information about Long Distance Phone Cards
When a family or a love one is away, having that open connection especially in cases of emergency is important. Telephone calls have become a necessary means of communication not only for personal connections but also for business operations. However, for business establishments, they are often equipped with the necessary phone service enabling them to make inland and overseas call. For ordinary people like employees or housewives, making that long distance call can be made through the use of a phone card.

Benefits of using a phone card for long distance calls.
Benefits of using a long distance phone card is packaged in so many views. The benefit you will get will depend on what type of activity you are engaged in. Long distance phone cards are pre-paid cards with an allotted amount, say for example $10 for 1000 minutes or equivalent to 1 cent for minute. Every call you make, the amount of the pre-paid long distance phone card will be debited. The amount debited will depend on the length of the minutes used. These long distance phone cards are handy. For the traveler on the go, having a handy long distance phone card that can be used anywhere in the world is a practical and convenient way to open communication from home or office. So that in cases of emergency, the traveler won't need to look for phones offering long distance service.

Aside from travelers, businessmen who are constantly travelling and does not have a company issued phone would not think twice of packing 2 or more long distance phone cards to connect with their family and office. It is a conducive method of keeping the communication lines open.

The functionality of calls from computer to phones.
Making phone calls from computer to phone is a new technology coined as VoIP or voice over internet protocol. It is another great way of making cheap long distance calls. Through VoIP technology, voice is transmitted through the internet-digital network. Basically, the caller must download a software with VoIP features; after a successful download, you are now able to make phone calls from your computer to phone. Just have a pair of headset and then you're good to go.

Things to watch out for in using long distance phone cards.
When we talk about phone cards, the amount of these cards varies in terms of amount and the minutes allotted per card use. The price ranges from $5 to as high as $50. There are long distance phone cards with great call packages like an extra five minutes. However, maximum consumer discretion is advised when buying a long distance phone card. There are cards that impose hidden charges. For example, some cards charges for the whole five minutes even if the call lasted only three minutes. Naturally, if you are a consumer you would want to get your money's worth for the call made. You have to watch out for things like this because it's not included in the advertised deal.

When ordering your long distance phone card online, chances are you may be billed for delivery charges. If you can, try to buy these cards over the counter from your local shops. Always prefer to buy from the more popular brands of long distance phone cards. The less popular brands sometimes suddenly disconnect service and still sells these cards as a scheme resulting to invalid PINs. It's also important to check the card rate per minute because some cards impose lower per-minute charges.

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