This article belongs to Sweet Grace column.

            I am  inclined to pen this article, having read REECE PEACOCK ‘s piece in the Cheers about the second test match currently in progress in Australia between India and Australia.

I am not writing this article in the capacity of an Indian but as an ardent cricket fan.

            We know that Harbhajan singh has been awarded a  3-match ban for a racist remark on Andrew Symonds.  I don't understand what is meant by ‘racist remark'.  We have been informed that  Bhajji called Andrew, Monkey. Is the common noun Monkey supposed to be racist?  Poor monkeys !  What race do they belong to?  I wonder if they know. They are supposed to be our first version. They are the forerunners of the human beings according to Mr. Darwin? Anyway, the poor comic types have been unwittingly drawn into  a  human dispute unnecessarily.  Be that as it may.


             Everyone is silent on why Bhajji called him a Monkey?  Isn't it possible that he had been provoked by Andrew that led the Indian bowler to let off steam by calling the other  Monkey.


            The video clip shows that Symond  was talking at least for 15 seconds facing Bhajji squarely.  What did he say?  To me it appeared that he was delivering some choice abuses.


            Shouldn't the match referee have consulted the video clippings and asked Symond for a replay of his verbiage?


            One newspaper reported that the referee never asked for the video evidence at all. If so, based on which evidence did he conclude that Bhajji was guilty. 


            We need justice Reece.  Who is right and who is wrong?  Calling a person  ‘monkey' is nothing personal at all;  it's like calling a guy ‘idiot' or ‘fool'.  Do you take such remarks seriously and go to the referee's court  for a verdict? 


             The cricket world would like to know what exactly were Symond's words.  Bjhajji's  so called abuse has been  greatly highlighted while Symond's remain untold.


            Shouldn't  the cricket fans know the argument of both parties before they could form their own opinion?


            I think, we should just laugh it off and forget that a dispute ever arose after the second test match at Sydney.


           Take your pick !




                                                                  Sweet grace [Israel Jayakaran]