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Manchester United can't afford not to qualify for the Champions League

 article about Manchester United cant afford not to qualify for the Champions League
A number of star players in Manchester United, including David de Gea, Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku, have said that should Manchester United fail to qualify for the Champions League, they will consider leaving the club.

Paul Pogba said on Monday that United players disrespected the club with their performance on Sunday when United lost to Everton 0:4. During the entire game United had only one shot on target. "The way we played and the performance of myself, of the team, of everyone is disrespectful," he said. Why he chose to play "disrespectfully" is of course anyone's guess.

He also said that "I want to say, and I know it may not be enough, but the fans want a reaction from the players and the only way to apologise to them is to give everything on the pitch. We don't want to look like we did because the body language was not good enough for this shirt. You have to work, you have to sweat for this shirt and you have to give everything."

After the game he tweeted "Difficult to put what I am feeling into words. As captain I want to say the performance, on top of the result, was not up to the standard expected when you pull on this shirt. We know we have to improve but words mean little: we have to give everything for this club. Thank you for your unconditional support."

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