If you like betting on sports, it's important to find the best possible bookmaker for you. How to do it depends on different factors, but by the end of the day, much of it is about odds.

A bookmaker in this case is a company that accepts bets on sporting events as well as other thing like the results of political elections at specific odds. If you win, you'll get paid. If you lose, you lose.

Before going any further - the truth is that like you are betting to make money, the bookmakers are there to make money as well. Not to do you any favors by giving you better odds. So while in theory you are betting on a result of a lets say, a football match, in reality you are making a bet against the bookmaker. The one who makes the better choice, wins. The bookmaker has hired people who know a lot about sports - so you should know enough about sports as well to find the best market value for you. And that's where the search for the top bookmakers for you starts.

First of all - in general there is no one best bookmaker as such. At least not when it comes to what matters. And what matters are the odds. Of course, you might like one betting interface better than the other one, one bookmaker might be paying out withdrawals quicker than the other one, etc - these things obviously matter, as they make the betting experience better, but at the same time these shouldn't be considered priorities when choosing a bookmaker for your next bet.

When you're searching for the best odds, you'll soon realize that one betting site is not enough, you actually need to join a number of betting sites simply because bookmaker X might have better odds for the Chelsea game than bookmaker Y While the best odds (according to your own personal valuation) for a certain horse race might be given by Bookmaker Z. But when choosing the bookmakers you will be working with, you should do your homework in other areas as well.


You should check the bookmaker profit margins on bets and go with the lowest ones. One bookmaker might have a margin of 106% while another one 110% - the lowest one is better.

Company culture

And by company culture I don't mean how many plants they have at the office or which movies they show to their employees every Friday night. Rather - if you have a problem, how quickly do they solve it? Do they have a 24/7 customer support that actually works? How are they deposit/withdrawal methods, fees, and times? These are all important factors.


Does the bookmaker offer any nice welcome bonuses? If they do, good for you. However, it's not the most important thing - check the bonus wagering requirements as well. Sometimes the bonuses might have extremely high play through requirements.

These things all matter, but the main thing is to find value in your bets. So the best bookmaker for different bets is often different.