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Lakers Squad Strengthening

 article about Lakers Squad Strengthening
The transfer of LeBron James to "Lakers" has recently stopped being discussed. So, this situation is one of the most important transfers of the season. It is worth recalling that LeBron has become the best player of the NBA and that many elite and famous clubs were competing for him.

Well, the competition between James and "Golden State" has already been announced and is one of the most expected matches of the upcoming tournament. Besides, many sports analysts note that even if LeBron joins "Lakers", the teams won't be strong enough. For this reason, the club management is going to make another meaningful transfer.

So, the team wants to obtain Jimmy Butler. At this moment, he is a shooting guard of "Minnesota" and is the second basketball star after James LeBron.
Now, the basketball player can boast of the following achievements:

- 22 points;
- 5.3 rebounds;
- 4.9 passes.

During the championship, the player took part in 59 games. To follow livescore basketball, fans can just use the user-friendly sports platform presenting all important events.

Terms of the Transfer

At this moment, Jimmy Butler has declared that his transfer to "Lakers" is quite possible. It is worth recalling that the contract specifies the possibility to cancel it earlier. The player of "Minnesota" can take this step already in the next season.

This is especially advantageous for the representatives for "Lakers", as the club will have enough money to make transfers. So, Butler will have an opportunity to join the team on favorable terms.

It also should be noted that "Lakers" aren't hiding its intentions to obtain James. Its representatives note that the shooting guard can play with LeBron and create a star duet. This will let the team increase its chances to win in future seasons.

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