Football and Men: Getting Through the Season as Peacefully as Possible
Most (not all) men love football, and most (not all) women don't understand the obsession. If you're one of those men who enjoys a good game a football, but constantly hear the nagging when you tune them out on Sunday nights during football season, then it's time to come up with a logical explanation. Sure to guys, "football and men" just go hand in hand and should be enough of an explanation, but to the ladies it's nothing more than a "game".

To guys, it's more than a game, it's a time in which we get to bond with our friends, and just connect with the spirit of the game. Men enjoy the dramatics of a game. You know… the intensity of it all. From the first downs to the touchdowns, the dropped passes and penalties, it's interesting to watch. And quite frankly, it'd be nice to watch in peace.

Peace during football season? Is this possible? Well… if you explain it correctly it can be. Below is an analogy that you might use to help the special lady in your life understand your "need" to watch the game.

Football is to Men as Chick Flicks are to Women

Most men (not all) don't understand the overly emotional plots behind chick flicks. They all seem to be the same. Some girl is in love with some guy (or vise versa), and they go through hell and high water to find love and live happily ever after. OR they go through hell and high water and something happens at the end to keep them from loving each other (i.e. death, another relationship, unresolved issues from the past, etc). In a nutshell, the movies are a roundabout way to show unrealistic images of what falling in love should be about.

The stuff doesn't happen in real life (not always). However, you sit through these movies with your girl, and you comfort her as she cries (no matter how many times she's seen the movie). After the movie is over you listen to her compare your love story to the one on the film or you overhear her talking with her friends about how she wishes you could be more like the male character in the movie and sweep her off her feet. As much as you might rather be out golfing (or doing anything other than watching the tear jerker of a movie), you sacrifice your feelings for hers so that you can say you've spent quality time together.

So…if you can sit through an emotion filled movie to put a smile on her face, she should be able to either sit with you as you watch your games OR find something to occupy her time on Sundays while you enjoy the game yourself.

Guys, you probably shouldn't explain it to her exactly that way or else you'll have more of an argument than you did if you hadn't said anything at all. However, this is the analogy you should use. Explain to her that football is your chick flick.

The Break Down

There are lead characters (your favorite team) and there are bad guys (the other team). There is a plot, and there are always twists and turns along the way (penalties, bad throws, missed passes, etc). From the very moment the game starts you're on the edge of your seat. Every score makes you happy, ever unfair call pisses you off, and every score for the other team of course makes you want to cry (especially if you're a betting kind of guy). Sometimes your team goes through hell and high water, and ultimately they win the game. Other times they struggle and loose. So just like a chick flick, there is not always a happy ending, but watching to see what will happen is just as emotionally draining as watching The Notebook.

The Compromise

If you explain it well enough, this should be enough to seal the deal. However, if it's not working out so well, then you best bet is to find some compromise. Below are a few suggestions on how to do this:
  • Let her know the schedule – Making your significant other aware of the football schedule can be the best way to ensure that she doesn't make plans on game days. If you're fortunate enough to have a sports package through a cable provider or satellite provider such as Sunday Ticket, which is a select package Direct TV offers, you can have a full schedule available so she knows ahead of time.
  • Host a party – Of course this won't work every Sunday, but hosting parties is a great way to make her feel like part of the entire sporting event. Invite other couples over and make it a game night event. You guys can choose to watch the game together cheering on your favorite team, or your significant other can host something for the ladies, while you and the guys retreat to the man cave. Either way it gives her something to do so she doesn't feel left out.
  • Record it – I know… this one is probably tough because you want to watch the game right when it's happening. However, on those Sunday nights where she has something big planned (dinner at her parent's house), it may be best that you just set the DVR and watch it later. If you don't want to do that, there are now services through satellite providers that allow you to watch the game on any internet capable device.

Men and women are definitely from different planets. Therefore when it comes to controversial topics like football, it's important to find a way to express yourself so that you can find a means of compromise. If explaining the significance of the game to her doesn't work out well, then it might be best that you find a means to compromise for the sake of the season. After all, just because you want to watch the game a drink a few beers doesn't mean that you don't understand the true value of family and spending time with them. It simply means you need a few hours to yourself to relax, unwind and…just be a guy.