With the World Cup only days away, many will be on the edge of their seats, hoping to place their best bet ever and walk away with their wallets fuller.

Whether you're showing some national pride and rooting for your local team, supporting one of the likely favourites or pressing your luck with one of the bottom ranking countries, getting involved by betting only adds to the thrill of the whole experience overall.

Past World Cup winners have included favourite and home team advantager Brazil who've had an impressive 5 World Cup wins, Italy comes in second place with 4 historic wins and Germany third with 3 World Cup wins. Finally, Argentina and Uruguay round things out with 2 historic wins each.

Sometimes the greatest feeling comes in betting (and winning) for the most unlikely or least popular team or country. So whether you believe England will surge ahead with a second win, that this is going to be the year for the USA or if you're counting on the Netherlands to secure their first World Cup victory, you may find celebrating with a big win to be the highlight of the games.

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