People by default are born with a religion, but evidently at some stage religion takes a back seat and sports takes over the hearts of millions of die hard fans, who worship sports as religion. Though, inclination towards sports dates back to the ancient times, it has now reached a frenzied pitch with fans, sponsors, and media playing their part, to further bring glory to sports.

Even a doubting Thomas will agree that soccer is most popular sport of the world. Though it first evolved in China during the 2nd and 3rd centuries, but it is England that walks away with the credit of glorifying it during the modern times. At present there are number of annual competitions across the world, with renowned teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Real Madrid, AC Milan, to name a few among the many world class clubs which are to be watched out for.

Automobile Racing
The need for speed for the die hard fans and the drivers alike, 24 Hours of Le Mans, France is one of the major competitions of the world. 46 odd cars compete for the checkered flag, in different series of classes. The roaring vroom of ignited engines begins at 4 p.m. and go non stop for 24 hour with three drivers for each car, which covers most of the distance, being declared the winner.

Horse Racing
Humans did not leave horses behind in the world of sports, and there are traces of chariot racing during the ancient Greek Olympics of 648 BC. Adding thrills to the sports is the sports betting option, like bwin offers you, associated with it, and an event in 2008 generated world-wide market worth of whooping USD$115 billion.

No one can stay untouched by the world of sports, whether you are a participant or a fan. It is the thrill which humans can't resist. Today, sitting from your homes you can have your share of fun through number of sites, including