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If you have never played Pub Golf before, here's a quick summary to get you up to speed…

Pub Golf is a drinking game for over 18 year olds. It is basically a pub crawl involving nine or eighteen 'holes', which are actually pubs or bars. At each hole, everyone has a drink to get rid of, and, as with real golf, you need to complete your drink challenge under par. If you are at hole seven and have a par five drink, then in the seventh pub you must finish your drink in five gulps or under. If you don't come under par, you get penalty points, and if you break any of the rules you get the same. The aim of the game is to have as few points as possible at the end of the night. The highest scorer is the loser and has to endure a pre-agreed and totally cringe-worthy forfeit.

Now the rules are clear, it is important that you consider the following tips.

  1. Get your holes as close to each other as possible. Hold your game in a place that has a number of pubs and bars relatively close together. After hole six or seven, no-one is going to want to traipse across town to the next hole.
  2. Make sure that the last hole is a familiar place, and that transport is arranged from there to get everyone safely home.
  3. Make sure that everyone knows that dressing in golf gear or golf-related fancy dress is advised. Anyone not taking part will get their card marked with extra points, which is not a great start.
  4. Ensure that everyone is old enough to play. Nothing puts a downer on a night quicker than finding out that one or more of your party is underage and everyone is in trouble.
  5. Decide on a suitable forfeit for the loser in advance. That way he or she can't say they didn't know what they signed up to. The more embarrassing the better!
  6. A great game of Pub Golf has to have a decent list of penalties. Without these, it is a very simple pub crawl. Extra points for going to the toilet in bars that have been tagged as being water hazards and for being sick could be just two examples.
  7. Have a time limit on the crawl - three hours, for example, for fewer holes - this stops people nursing their drink for half an hour rather than getting on with the challenges.
  8. Contact the pubs and bars you have on your planned route to make sure the night they will all be open. It is also worth checking to see if they can handle a large group invading all at once, especially if on a hen night with large numbers of guests.
  9. Be sensible. Check in advance that everyone understands the aim of the game and that they know their limits. No-one wins by ending up in hospital.
  10. If not wearing golf gear, it would be wise for everyone to be wearing personalised or matching tops so that it is clear who is in the group and to make it easier to keep everyone together.

Pub Golf can be extremely fun if properly organised and if people are kept safe. Make sure your night is one to remember for all of the right reasons.