DC Poets Against the War is one of my favorite anti-war groups in Washington, DC. I have had the opportunity to meet some of its members, invite them to several events and perform at some of their functions. I believe that they did an outstanding job publishing an anthology which was released June 2003 and inviting many authors to participate in such a much needed project. Furthermore, their anthology is excellent and the messages displayed within the contexts of the anthology are depicted very well. It consists of poems by such authors as Naomi Ayala, Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Rei Berroa, David Brescia-Weiler, Richard Blanco, Sarah Browning, Kenneth Carroll, Grace Cavalieri, Jahayra Corrales, Charlie Cray, Katy Didden, Scott J. Ecksel, Zein El-Amine, Michele Elliott, Wade Fletcher, Yael Flusberg, Martin Galvin, David Gewanter, Jomo K. Graham ,Patricia Gray, Leah Harris, Roberto (Bert) Ifill, Esther Iverem, Peter Klappert, Ann B. Knox, Dan Logan, Carmen Lupton, Mike Maggio, Chelsie Miller, E. Ethelbert Miller, Samuel Miranda, Michael Willett Newheart, Gregory Orfalea, Patric Pepper, Kim Roberts, Danny Rose, Joseph Ross, Kaia Sand, Elizabeth Sullam, Dan Vera, and Rebecca Villarreal.


My favorite poem was Greetings from the War, written by Samuel Miranda. His poem was filled with power, truth, and brillance. It's message still exists today!


"Greetings from the War"


I will greet you with flowers
no matter how many
bullets you bring.

I will greet you with bullets
because the flowers you greet me with
are from my garden.

I will greet you with song
though you curse me
and raise arms against me.

I will greet you with curses
because the wounded child at your feet
is my only son.

I will greet you with embraces
though the knife you carry
cuts away at my arms.

I will greet you with knives
they are made from the shrapnel
I pulled from my leg.


DC Poets Against the War is an informal group of Washington area writers and activists who came together during the winter of 2003 to protest the planned U.S. invasion of Iraq.


For further information about DC Poets Against the War, please visit them at www.dcpaw.org


-         Reviewed by Afrika Midnight Asha Abney