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Talent Found Out West

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Shauna Burn's "Every Thought" could have quite a future, if perhaps the singing were a tad different. I
listened to the album for two straight weeks until I could sing along
to every song just to make sure I'd grasped every little breath the
singer had taken. I'm what you could call obsessive about music. Her music is striking with the piano cascading through every song. Unfortunately, I just couldn't really get into this album. The
lyrics just seemed to lead in circles and her enunciation of the song
lyrics made the majority of the songs sound jumbled and noisy. Her voice, often likened to Sarah Mclaughlin, was torpid at best; reminding me of a watered down Loreena McKennitt. Perhaps it is unfair to judge her voice as weak. She met her match - the piano. It,
like a jealous rival, drowns her out completely at times and at other
points, seems to mock her inability to express feeling as well as it
can. It was frustrating to hear her never unleash the
full power of her gifted vocal chords though still a treat to listen to
the ebb and flow of the music running its course.

All said this album will definitely be added to my collection of ambient tunes. I value "Every Thought" for Shauna's ability to make the music tell a story all its own. I do look forward to hearing more from her. Her stream of consciousness style is refreshing. It's a step away from the norm and that makes this album stand out in a good way. Perhaps
a power song or two on future albums will show that this singer has
variation, a much sought after gift these days, and one that will keep
her in the up of the up and coming.

Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to check out the album at and enjoy the journey it'll take you on.

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