Natalie Portman: Evey
Hugo Weaving: V
Stephen Rea: Finch
Stephen Fry: Deitrich
John Hurt: Adam Sutler
Tim Pigott-Smith: Creedy
Rupert Graves: Dominic
Roger Allam: Lewis Prothero

for Vendetta" blends a solid script, stylish cinematography and
beautiful locations to create a thought-provoking and highly
entertaining film.

V's (Hugo Weaving) introductory speech filled with alliteration – in
the key of ‘V', it's clear the, once-revered, Wachowski Brothers have
written a slick and intelligent film reminding viewers why they fell in
love with "The Matrix".

for Vendetta" is so politically infused, it acts a metaphor beckoning
comparisons to the status quo of American society. While "V for
Vendetta" won't necessarily be on the President's must-watch list it
helps viewers to ask questions of America and our government at a time when his approval ratings are at an all-time low.

The Wachowski Brothers adapted Alan Moore's graphic novel set in a futuristic London where Parliament uses the fear of terrorism against its own people to keep them in a constant state of fear.

rescues Evey (Natalie Portman) from a group of rapists working for
Parliament and enforcing the city's strict curfew laws. The scenes
following Evey's rescue show V sparking a revolution within the city
and promising, in a citywide television broadcast, to blow up
Parliament in one year.

remainder of the film follows V as he kills public officials and
exposes the government for the brainwashing, propaganda spreading and
corrupting power it is. Throughout, Evey helps V on his mission while learning about his origins and her true nature.

watching the film, one can't help but wonder if James McTeigue is a
truly visionary director or if the Wachowski Brothers write some very
detailed camera directions. Whichever may be the case, "V for Vendetta"
features some wonderful action and fight sequences culminated by a
battle toward the end that makes viewers forget the debacle that was
the final two Matrix films.

Beyond cinematography, the choices of locations within London help "V for Vendetta" stand out. Sometimes the scenery is so gorgeous and enchanting it almost acts as a character itself.

for Vendetta" touches the heart with its story of love and civic virtue
almost unheard of presently. Weaving and Portman's acting and dialogue
carry the film, as the viewer will remain engaged throughout its
two-hour span. Overall, four of four stars.

© Zack Sampsel 2006