Waiting 2005

Written by Rob McKittrick

Directed by Rob McKittrick


Ryan Reynolds

Anna Faris

Justin Long

Luis Guzman

David Koechner

Rated R

93 minutes

Waiting could be confused with director Walt Becker's 2002 comedy, Van Wilder. The film stars actor Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds provides the same comedic humor as in Van Wilder.
However, instead of staying on campus for almost a decade, he is taking
orders from customers as a waiter at Shenanigans. I don't know if being
a waiter is an upgrade or a downgrade for Reynolds. Either way, waiting
tables is and will remain a good way to pick up girls.

Reynolds plays a
twenty-something waiter with no ambition, except for hooking up with
underage girls. One-liners run rampant throughout the movie as do penis
jokes. Waiting reminds me of an American Pie movie set in a restaurant.

The movie is written by Rob McKittrick. He also wrote Son of the Mask, which received poor reviews by critics. Waiting, on the other hand, is definitely a step in the right direction for McKittrick.

Throughout the movie I laughed, then chuckled and finally smirked. Waiting
started out strong with a creative lead, but the jokes throughout the
film were rather predictable. Half way through the movie I felt

Any person who has
ever worked in the restaurant environment is certain to love it. As was
the case with my friend who, throughout the movie, conveyed to me that
he could relate to the characters.

Luis Guzman, who plays chef Raddimus, was hysterically funny. I haven't laughed so hard since he played Maurice T. Rodriguez in Boogie Nights. Guzman, in my opinion, really saved this movie.

Overall, Waiting
is a fairly decent movie. The movie is funny, clever and sometimes
outrageous. It is worth 93 minutes of your time. Most people will not
be disappointed.

I give the movie a seven out of ten.

The Courtesy Reviewer,

Shane Gillespie.