Written by: Sebastian Junger

Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen


George Clooney

Mark Wahlberg

Diane Lane

John C. Reilly


120 minutes.

If you have two hours and ten minutes to kill and entertainment is not a priority then check out The Perfect Storm. This Wolfgang Petersen directed film is a snoozer. I may even use it to help combat my insomnia. The film is obviously not the quality product that Petersen usually graces his audience with. He directed Troy, In the Line of Fire and Das Boot to name a few.

Clooney and Mark Wahlberg are the stars of the film. Clooney plays
Captain Billy Tyne, a veteran fisherman that seems to be losing his
touch. After coming to the dock with a lackluster catch he is
determined to bring in a boat load of fish, even if it means
endangering the lives of his crew.

Wahlberg plays a rookie fisherman that is looking for some extra cash so he can marry his girl played by Diane Lane. Wahlberg promises Lane that this will be his last voyage.

anyways the crew leaves the dock in search of a big catch. On the
voyage, the crew argues amongst themselves as they go through a
drought. The only thing they caught was John C. Reilley after he is
pulled over board.

after an hour of no action, the crew locates where the fish are and
begin to catch some. But then wouldn't you know it, their ice machine
breaks and they cannot retain anymore fish. So much conflict I can
barely stand it. After much thought the crew decides to head back with
their catch and collect their cash.

crew is unaware that the "Perfect Storm" is in their midst. The Andrea
Gail (the boat), sails right in the middle of the storm. The crew has a
heck of a time trying to repair damages to the boat. I swear it took
them an hour to get a metal slab over a busted window.

special effects were minimal. At one point in time, it looked as if I
saw a toy boat in a bathtub being capsized. I don't know about you, but
I always thought that storms were supposed to have thunder and
lightning, apparently this is not the case with this Perfect Storm.

don't want to spoil the movie for you, but it is a tedious one to
watch. I will leave it at that. I give this movie two stars out of ten.
I was bored from minute one to minute 120. Don't waste your time or you
will be kicking yourself in the booty.

The Courtesy Reviewer, Shane Gillespie