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Music Review: Kamil - Warning!

 article about Music Review: Kamil - Warning!
Warning, the first release by young Southern California artist Kamil is... well it's aptly titled. Unfortunately, the warning should further read "USE MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS: Do not attempt to operate large machinery or a vehicle while under the influence of this EP".

Delving into an alternative movement penned as Altered Soul (further described as "alternative R&B... as nourishment for the spirit"), this four track EP aspires to a blend of Me'shell Ndegeochello- and Sade-inspired sensuality. What it produces is much ado about nothing.

Completely lacking in the subtlety and nuance that is sensuality, the lyrics -- rife with sexual innuendo seemingly intended to draw one into a personal fantasy -- are too raw and fundamental to draw any truly evocative picture at all. The accompaniment (which stood potential to at least somewhat offset the uninteresting lyrics) comes off as some uncomfortable hybridization of New Age synth and canned, tired, club kid techno-noise. But for the sweet little guitar funk on My 1st O -- and it is sweet -- it's all just so... uninspiring. The elements combine to make passable pole dancing groove or mediocre masturbation fulfillment, if you're into that sort of thing and need music to 'get you through' that badly.

Unoriginal in every way except its aspiration -- which (did I say this already?) it fell woefully short of reaching -- Warning is just not one to seek out for the collection.

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