I don't know about you but this Christmas Season did not have the spirit of Christmas as I remembered it could have. Happy Holidays didn't do it for a lot of people and it showed up in the atmosphere. To think our dictators took time out to remove Merry Christmas from celebrating consciousness after all of these years, yet they can't catch Bin Laden nor establish security for our children. I tell you, something is wrong with this picture.

As we approach the New Year celebration, I pray people will begin to see the programming the world system induces into our consciousness. There is more to life than struggling to get more material wealth. If we do not introduce the other missing elements of life into our conscious, we are going to have to prepare ourselves to be surrounded by heathens that do not care how we feel about anything. Children are being denied full development of their souls due to materialism. Appreciation, respect, good character, love etc. are not priorities anymore in preparing children  to become adults.

It is extremely important that we each individually get in touch with gratitude and appreciation for having another day of life to be able to see, talk, laugh, hear, smell and to choose what is best for self and mankind. Instead of complaining about not getting a new car, pair of shoes, nails and hair done, promotions etc., thank God you are alive. Start this New Year praying people will choose to be a better human being for the sake of diffusing the selfish acts of many people.

Before you think you have it bad or deserve more, think about a family who birthed a son with no limbs. This young man is more appreciative to being alive than many of us with large bank accounts, all our limbs, loved ones alive, etc. He is so grateful that he tells the world how blessed he is to be alive. And, he is more independent than the average person because this young man, Nic Vujicic uses everything God gave him to the best of his ability. We can learn something from him. We can re-establish our priorities and open our eyes to love, caring, giving and turning away from greed and selfishness of ourselves and authority figures that take from us to stay rich.

HAPPY NEW YEAR should mean returning home to our souls---our first realization of knowing we are blessed to be alive and we are here to love one another not just get more stuff. Begin again. Nic Vujicic knows why we are born. He is amazing! Join me in observing the true meaning of life: