People were embracing the philosophy THE SECRET like it was something new and powerful. Yet, the Bible simplified its bottom line with one word, FAITH. So easy people tend to think they have the formula to live a life of luxury and prestige. While we are busy thinking we understand life and its purpose, we are missing the biggest secret of all and it not something we can stop. What is the biggest secret of all? 
The biggest secret of all is that though the Bible has been rejected by many due to it only requiring we love one another, it will prove there is a real live beast devouring mankind and that beast is CYBERSPACE. When the big takeover of our lives is finally completed, it will happen in cyberspace. 
The shutting down and taking control of our livelihood will happen when we least expect it. We will go to check our bank accounts, trust funds, pensions etc., and discover a powerful source will control it and we will not be able to do anything about it even when we meet their demands. 
In truth, cyberspace and its partner, the Internet are the fabrication of the spiritual realms of reality. Many people do not want to hear anything about spiritual powers in unseen dimensions. Yet, they are comfortable using cyberspace in their daily lives. Where do you think it came from? Why do you think it has so much power over our lives already? It is because the creators of this powerful empire has a plan to take complete control of our lives.  
The fear that went across the world when the Millennium got closer and closer in time was unbelievable. The fear of a cyberspace space crash would had meant an abortion to the future plan of taking complete control of our future. People sitting on billions of dollars would have no access to their money. They would have had to face one another and learn we are equal and we must work on being better human beings. 
Already, we have no privacy and the world knows our every move and status. This is just the beginning of the beast of technology destroying mankind. As we embrace more and more convenient mechanisms, the less human we are becoming. The big secret is the spiritual warfare against good and evil is materializing in Cyberspace. This well calculated plan does not need our bodies just our minds.