There are times when I am amazed of how a woman
will allow herself to be so engulfed in a man to a point she does not
consider the logic behind it. There is a drawing force that automatically draws a woman to a man. It gets a hold of her and takes her to another world. Some
people say it was activated in the Garden of Eden when the woman became
disobedient to the command of God. This hypnotic drawing force is often
times misinterpreted as falling in love by some women. In reality, it
is seduction a means for a fall.

How does something like this happen? It happens very easily. Women become very susceptible to seduction in moments of loneliness, unhappiness and at times during stages of low self-esteem. The problem with this is the loss of power experienced once the seduction is successful. This usually means not an increase of love but a lack of love from the seducer. Their reason for the seduction is usually for self-gain. Women are the last to know as they find fulfillment in the connection to the man that has chosen her above other women.

Do you know men of God have this same seductive influence over women? Trust me; many of them know it too. They have a special way of making women feel they are so needed to carry out God's work. I've seen it several times where the woman in the church that motivates the pastor is usually not the wife. It is the woman who is faithful and appears for every service and event. She makes sure she has an active role in the church as to ensure the pastor has what he needs to be a success.

I remember catching a sample of a minister's arrogance and certainty I was a likely candidate for this special role. The minister would give me direct eye contact and a look that reassured me my presence was much needed. Eventually, that look convinced me he needed me in his church on a regular basis. I
was convinced I had a divine purpose and I must follow him wherever he
goes; couldn't anybody tell me Pastor didn't need me to be a great
minister so I kept coming back and waiting for that eye contact every

One day, I sat in a different place in the church
I noticed my pastor giving a woman that same eye contact he gave me.
This woman was just as confident and proud as I was about being needed
by our pastor. At this point, I began to observe at a distance this minister's interactions with women. Every last one of them was mesmerized by his mere presence. He knew how to make each one feel very special without physically going past holy boundaries. A hug or a hand shake did the trick; but nothing could beat that eye contact.

The confirmation that this wasn't just something in my mind came when I was becoming a regular and he started telling the other women to include me in special projects. They
didn't take it too well and they did just enough to not flunk the
Christian way of handling one another test as they turned their noses
up at me. I had to laugh inside as I saw how the minister
knew how to seduce women without sexual activity. Sure, to take
possession of a soul, you must first take possession of the mind. Trust me when I say, the most powerful bond between a male and female is not sexual but the joining of the minds. However, seduction has a unique and sadistically magical affect on the mind. It causes a woman to sacrifice herself for someone else without a just reward.

Ministers have many women who are connected to them by hypnosis. They absorb every single word he says and allow it to fill the empty places in their lives. Who wouldn't want to be close to a preacher, a man of God? The enticement takes place in being determined to do the right thing --- keeping the man of God happy. Though some fail and become sexually involved, most don't because their fulfillment is in knowing she is special to the pastor. Women give large sums of money to have that adrenaline rush. Some go so far as to give up their husbands. Women love their pastors because it is a safe love requiring only one thing; he needs me to do Gods work.

Don't believe me? Look a woman straight in the eye and ask her, how much do you love your pastor?