There are lots of advices on what to do before sex, techniques, tips and things to do to keep your relationship ticking over. But, how about after having sex? Do you know what happens next? The adrenaline subsides, your breathing returns to normal, you both have been in heaven and now come back down to earth - you are yourselves again. What now?

Imagine the following scenario: you and your partner together in a beautiful and romantic room, with candles and roses, while listening to your favorite song. He starts to take off your clothes slowly and you do the same, you two have sex and have the best time of your lives. And then? What happens after sex?

Then both of you will try to enjoy the awkward "after sex situation" on your own way. Some people call this situation as the "candle turned off" scenario. There are many ways in which people react over a "candle turned off" situation. Some take a shower, some light a cigarette, some start having cravings and start eating... it varies from person to person.

One particular situation that seems to be funny to almost everyone is when your partner is one of those kind of people that turns into Sleeping Beauty right after having sex. After having a great time you feel enthusiastic, probably you want to talk about everything and maybe ask about something… and what do you actually get? A big snore and your partner lying on the other side. Sometimes the after-sex is even more disappointing than sex itself, that is why so many people prefer to sleep with sexy escorts in Manchester over having a relationship.

What about that boyfriend or girlfriend that wants to know how good was it? Every single time, your partner asks about its performance. OMG! This kind of partner is always the one whose performance is below average. Yet somehow, it is convinced that only Dorian Gray or a sex symbol of the likes could give the best sex of your life. Stay away from this type of partner!

We also have the partners that HAVE to take a shower and are obsessed with microbes. Sure, that hygiene is very important is something everyone agrees with to a 100%. But people who are obsessed over microbes and bacteria are a pain in the ass. Just after enjoying sex, even if what you want is to stay a few minutes lying in bed, relaxing... FORGET ABOUT IT!

They will be worse than the alarm clock you set 10 times in the morning to wake you up. If you are ready to withstand this for the sake of a good night of sex, the good news is that you have found the perfect partner that won't ever smell bad after it.

Let's talk about the partners who go to the gym right after having sex. Seriously? I mean there are lots of people who can't find the motivation to go to the gym on a daily basis. And yet, here you find someone that has this burning passion towards going to the gym after you both had sex. Truly someone that cannot be trusted.

Surely one of the less common partners to have is one that craves food right after sex. They will tell you to do the same, so if you were thinking of watching your favorite movie or show there is no chance that food doesn't get into the equation. You need to move your ass and go to the kitchen. The good part is that maybe the "candle lights up" again while you are cooking.

If you were thinking of creating your own fairytale, stay down-to-earth head over Skokka. Definitely nobody told you what happens after Cinderella or Snow White kiss the prince. Maybe is written somewhere, we just have to find that page of the fairytale.

Remember the fairytale with the princess and the frog. When the princess kisses the frog it turns into a charming prince, but sometimes after having sex the prince turns back into a frog.

So you may be thinking, that what happens after sex is as important as sex itself and you would be right. The answer is: YES!

You have to make sure that when you choose the ideal or right partner to enjoy a night, either he or she enjoys the "candle turned off" scenario just like you. This way both of you will be happy before sex, during sex and after sex and maybe live happily ever after. Or if you feel like having a long lasting relationship isn't for you, at least you can always contact one of the hot independent escorts in London.