Planning a perfect Valentine date with your partner requires a lot of effort and thought no matter in which stage of a relationship you are. Whether you are just friends or seriously committed or married, in every stage of your relationship, you need a perfect date idea to make the celebration of Valentine's Day more memorable. So, if you are looking for Valentine's Day date ideas for different stages of your relationship, here are a few options for your:

Just Friends

You two really get along together and now the time has come when you can call him or her your best friend. However, deep down inside you know there is more than just friendship between the two of you. So, if you are thinking of going on a Valentine date with him or her and are looking for some ideal date ideas to suit the stage of your relationship, you could:

- Take a long drive out of the city because it will help you spend some quality time together. Plus, it will make a romantic date so you will not feel awkward at all.

Love Is In The Air

Okay, so you guys have decided to acknowledge the fact that you are more than friends to each other and now you tow want to make it official, right? Well, in such a situation, the perfect Valentine date idea would be:

- Going on a romantic candlelight dinner and celebrate your love in a romantic way. To make your lover feel more special, don't forget to give Valentine gifts to him or her.

Going Steady And Strong

It's been already a year of dating each other and now, looking for new Valentine date ideas may be a difficult task for you because you guys must have done all the romantic things together till now. But, don't worry, because this article has got something different for you:

- How about doing some adventure together on Valentines Day? It's a great idea indeed.

It's Complicated

You were going steady and strong but suddenly it became complicated due to some indifference. But, no matter what, you guys still know that you love each other. And, since Valentine's Day is around the corner, you must be in a dilemma that whether you guys should go on a date or not, right? Yes, you guys should definitely go on a date and the ideal Valentine date idea to suit your stage of relationship would be:

- A staycation together. If you think that the distance between you two is the main reason for all your misunderstandings then, this Valentine's Day clear these all out by planning a romantic staycation together.

Seriously Committed

If you are in a serious relationship and see your future with each other then, this Valentine's Day take your relationship to new heights.

- Plan a romantic date in a beach side or at the place where you guys first met and pop the final question to the love of your life.

Happily Married

After going through a lot of ups and downs, you guys are finally together and a happily married couple. And, now it's time to do the things together that you both love doing.

- - For example, if you guys love social work then, on Valentine's Day, you guys can visit an old age home or an orphanage and spend your time thoughtfully.