You do not have to be a racist to know only a white man can take America down because they will not let anybody else do it.

How ironic is it that our current Government thrives on downplaying people of color because they feel they are a threat to the survival of America when it is the government that is the actual downfall of America? We had a man of color in office, this same government suppressed this man from his mission to reach all American people. They made it public knowledge - this was their mission while he was our president. Today, this same government is butchering everything that strengthened all Americans while President Barrack Obama was in office.

At this very moment, America is going down because no foundation divided against itself shall stand. Look at what is happening. America got a white president in office, what is happening people? We are being blinded by fake money, not fake news. We are beginning to drown in this fake and temporary appearance of financial prosperity for America. Our government has become the source for hatred, immorality, lies, racism, division, evil and destruction for realities our children's understanding of life.

Donald Trump is the white man that has proven to be the most powerful president America has ever had. Like Jim Jones who had followers who believed his every word even unto death, Trump has the power to issue poisoned Kool-Aide to kill America. He has created a syndrome that has paralyzed America's ability to choose best. When grown men who are supposed to protect their families and loved ones from the lowest and immoral activities of life and tuck their tails and join in to this dark behavior, America becomes a melting pot of pure hell.

There was a time in history when the church and government were standing as one but because both powers wanted dominion they separated. Today, Trump owns both. The church foundations are nothing like when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive who rebuked immorality and injustice. Instead they kill America separately as they enjoy the pleasures of money. Well, America, it was nice knowing you. Putin, hello!