You've been dating for a while now and nothing seems to be going quite right. You've had a good number of dates but there's been little to no spark and you're starting to wonder if you'll ever meet the right person. Do you just need to keep at it… or are you an impossible perfectionist?

Being a perfectionist is no bad thing when it comes to work or study but if you expect your partner to be perfect, you'll only set yourself up for a fall. Here are some ways to get around your expectations and have a healthy, happy relationship.

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Think about what you're looking for
Is there a reason why you want to look for a relationship right now? Sometimes perfectionism can become a problem when people look for a relationship to fill a gap in their lives. If you're feeling dissatisfied with other areas of your life, it might be a good idea to work on them instead of putting all of your energy into finding the perfect partner.

Realize nobody is perfect
It might sound obvious but there really is no such thing as a perfect partner. Even someone who is ideally suited to you will occasionally drive you up the wall. Annoying habits don't have to be deal-breakers – it might help to decide what you definitely can and can't handle.

 article about dating world
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First dates are not tell-alls
It can take time to get to know a new person and a first date doesn't necessarily tell you everything about who someone is, particularly if you've been using online dating. Some people behave completely differently when they're nervous… and of course first dates are nerve-racking occasions! Try and be patient. If you feel a date isn't going so well, ask yourself why before you decide not to try again.

All relationships take work and compromise is a big part of smoothing over disagreements. Finding it in you to work things out can take effort but it'll be so worth it in the long run. Anything worthwhile takes work and relationships are no exception.

Another big part of ensuring a happy relationship is giving yourself as many opportunities as possible to meet your match. Online dating websites, such as, allow singles to create personalized profiles and receive a list of matches based on the information entered. This is a great way to increase your chances of meeting someone suited to you and getting the relationship you want.