This is a crucial time in the history of recorded music. This is a crucial time for the rock album as a concept, as a collection of ideas, of songs, as a cohesive whole. that is a statement of intent, capturing a moment, capturing a point in time, something that can be held in your hand, turned around and studied while you are listening, a vinyl cover, a CD cover, even the book seems threatened at the moment.

There seems to be four types of album: albums which are bad, albums which are ok, albums which are good and albums which are great. You can pull these off of your CD rack or take them from your record collection and hold them in your hand and you can put them into four piles. Argonaut fits in, but it definitely fits into one of those piles, unlike streamed singles juxtaposed onto a mixed iPod or Spotify playlist.

There are reference points, but in no way does this detract from the originality. From ‘More Life' with it's blistering chorus, ‘Touch Electric' with it's huge guitar riff, to the sublime subtlety of songs such as ‘Chemistry' the album is evocative; pretty but powerful. The overwhelming instrument is the voice. Lorna sings like a street sussed angel. The lyrics are obtuse, they are interesting. She sounds innocent but her sound is brimming with confidence. A little Blondie but a little more Siouxsie.

The drums pound, the drums are tight, the drums snap, they drive the songs. The bass grinds along, it sounds good. Argonaut feel like a band that you want to tell people about but you don't want to tell them too quickly because you want to have been the first to have said I liked them before they were famous.

This band seems to have been through Britpop, through grunge and seems to have come out the other side. Argonaut feel like they know their music and are making music that they love but that hasn't detracted from the sound. The songs rock and many aspects of their influences are evident: the likes of Sonic Youth, Nirvana, the Pixies, but also the Velvet Underground are all represented. What a great album.

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