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FXCM rebates - Earn rebates while trading at FXCM

 article about FXCM rebates

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FXCM is one of the most respected brokers in the Forex industry these days. Building on a decade of experience in this market, FXCM provides excellent service and quality tools to its clients.

How the FXCM rebates work

Forex Trading Pal tries to improve your chances of success when trading at FXCM by providing FXCM rebates. Forex Trading Pal is an introducing broker and introduces clients to FXCM. Forex Trading Pal gets compensated by FXCM for introducing clients and passes a significant portion of this commission on to the traders that it introduces.
If you open an FXCM account through Forex Trading Pal, you will receive FXCM rebates on all your trades, as long as you keep trading.
These commission payments are also referred to as rebates. Any trader that opens an account at FXCM through Forex Trading Pal automatically participates in the rebate program (and will thus enjoy FXCM rebates) and this participation is completely free of charge. Therefore, traders are better off opening their accounts through Forex Trading Pal.

Why Forex Trading Pal provides FXCM rebates

The reason that Forex Trading Pal provides the rebates is because FTP believes in mutual benefits. According to FTP, mutual benefits are a solid base for a long term relationship and a long term relationship is exactly what Forex Trading Pal is after. If you open an FXCM account through Forex Trading Pal, you will receive FXCM rebates on all your trades, as long as you keep trading. This means that you can save huge amounts of money (up to thousands annually, depending on your trading volume).

As any Forex trader knows, the main challenge in Forex trading is making your trades profitable enough to offset the transaction costs. The transaction costs in Forex trading consist of the spread paid when making a trade. The spread is the difference between the bid and the ask price provided by the dealing firm. In case of FXCM, the spreads are quite narrow which leaves the trader a good opportunity to generate profit from his/her trades. With Forex Trading Pal's FXCM rebates, your net transaction costs when trading at FXCM will be even lower. It is therefore a good opportunity for Forex traders to become (more) profitable.

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